Microsoft, Mursal, and Twenty — Twenty | The year that shan’t be named!

At first, I thought that I should not write a long post about how I passed my last year, but then I thought that come on bro, why not. Just grease up your lazy jolts, and start writing. And, after much arguing, bamboozlement, and lots of other things with myself, here I am writing what I did in the past year, The year that shan’t be named!

Microsoft Student Partner

So the fateful year started with the amazing, and for me, by far the biggest life-changing opportunity. Since my very first year of university life, I had been actively involved in student activities, and that one thing led to another, and somehow, I came across Microsoft Student Partner Program. That very day I started filling up the application form, but since the application form was very long, so I left it, and I remembered that I have not completed the form, after 5 months xD. (I know, lazy and careless Mursal). Well, finally I got into the program, and believe me, it changed my life. I met many interesting people, from #Pakistan, to across the globe. It was like a window to a completely new world to me.

2020 Might have been a difficult, a very difficult year for all of us, but being very honest, I tried to make the most out of it. Cause I realized that we are not going to get this much idle time, ever again in our lives. So, I had my laptop, I had an internet connection, I was a member of one of the bestest student partner program in the world, i.e. Microsoft Student Partner Program (Now, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program), so without wasting any time, I started my learning journey. First from DataCamp, then from LinkedIn Learning, and then to MS Learn (All Thanks to unlimited free learning resources of MSP Program). At the same time, Coursera, and FreeCodeCamp also extended their hands to people around the world. Well, all in all, many organizations around the world became generous and blended their support for those who actually wanted to learn and expand their minds. I took full advantage.

Student Ambassadors’ Club, Jamshoro

Being the very first MSP from the entire internal Sindh region, I always wanted others to be there too. So once I was back from the #MSPSummitPakistan, I immediately started working on people, the best, the fastest, the strongest, to be selected for the MSP Program in the next cohort. And my efforts bore fruits when the results came out and 6 new MSPs were selected. Now were 7 MSPs from Mehran University and the internal Sindh region. But that was not the end. I wanted to spread more. I tried more and more, and finally, here we are, after a whole year of effort, patience, and work, 28 MLSAs (previously MSPs) from entire internal Sindh, 21 from Mehran UET, alone ❤.

I initiated the Student Ambassadors’ Club at Jamshoro to make the day to day proceedings, events, and other activities counted, and by the grace of Allah the almighty, we are now among the top-performing MLSA Clubs in the entire world. We had many landmark events, we set many trends for the entire world (not exaggerating or boasting), we brought much change to the mindset of the local students of our community. Do check out our Facebook Page, Instagram handle, or Youtube Channel for all the work that we had done.

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors, Pakistan

I met many new people in the MSP (Now MLSA) Pakistan Community, including (Don’t mind if I forgot your name please :D) Sir Sheikh Rizwan, CH Hanzaila Maqsood, Rao Nisar, Adil Asif, Aqsa Umer, Syed Aun Muhammad, Fahad Ashiq 🇵🇰, Saad Aslam, Hamza Islam, Muhammad Hassan, Muhammad Junaid Iqbal, Khadija Batool Gardezi, Maryam Iqbal, Mehmood, Muhammad Huzaifa Shahbaz, Saad Hassan, Saad Irfan, Saba Saeed, Sameer Moin, Shahzad Baig, Sumama Zaeem, Tashik Moin Sheikh, Momina Atif Dar, Arsalan Dilawar, Usman Abdullah, Usman Aslam Virk., Raja Ahmed, Sami Ullah Saleem, Usman Aslam, Shahzeb K., and many more. Honestly speaking, before meeting the Microsoft Student community in Pakistan, I had really undervalued our students. But now I love PAKISTAN ❤

QPower Community

All thanks to Syed Farhan (I don’t know how to tag someone in a LinkedIn Article :p ), a fellow MLSA (MSP at that time), a Gold Level MLSA actually, for introducing me to the Indian MLSA community. And inducting me as a Graphics Designer for his initiative of Quantum Power Community, aka. The QPower Community. From there on, I met many awesome people, don’t mind if I forget to mention someone. People like Vedant Khairnar, Vanshika Garg, Ganesh Tiwari, Debanjona Bhattacharjya, Pallavi Agrawal, Rohit Ashiwal, Harsh Bardhan Mishra, Omee Verma, Ricardo Prins Sir, Kodi Sunder Eshwar, and many more. I literally can’t thank Farhan Bhai enough for introducing me to this awesome community.

Tesseract Coding

After some time at QPower Community, we thought of the need for a more general community for beginners in programming and computing, so we initiated Tesseract Coding. We had people from all around the world, not just MSPs and DSCs. But more general peoples as well. Once again all thanks to Farhan Bhai for letting me in this super awesome community as a team member so that I can thrive more and flourish my skillset more and more. Once again at Tesseract Coding, I met people from QPower and some new people, awesome ones. People like Aanisha Bhattacharyya, Abhishek Singh, Anush krishna v, Apoorve Goyal, Bhavishya Pandit, Aakansha Jain, Harshit Dawar, and many more. I learned a lot about teamwork (A web development too xD)


After some time, Vedant Bhai and Abhishek co-founded another community, named PyCoders, later named as DevScript, and they were so kind and generous to let me work with them. Being at DevScript, I learned a lot, met many new people, created lots of new skills myself, learned to manage many things at the same time and at the top, got some best friends of my life ❤. At DevScript, we had many events, mega ones, check out our Youtube Channel for more insight on the work we had been doing. We are also having our mega event going on these days, the DWoC, DevScript Winter of Code, and we literally have many many many big companies on-board with us. ❤ At DevScript I met people from QPower and Tesseract along with some new people, including Aditi Jha, Praveen Kumar Purushothaman, Durgacharan Nayak, Sakshi Munjal, Ankit Chaudhari, and some more.


Along with all these, I also complete my Final Year Project at university (That is a topic of a different article) with the help of Microsoft Azure Health Bot. I have deployed the bot on teams. Do check it out! Here is the bot key:



I had been collecting several Microsoft certification vouchers around the year and thought to take my exams in one go. In the past two months, I had taken and passed 12 Microsoft certification exams and passed 11 Heart, including:

  1. MTC — Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  2. MTC — Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900)
  3. MOS — MS Outlook 2016
  4. MTA — HTML & CSS 2021
  5. MCE — Microsoft Certified Educator
  6. MTC — Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-901)
  7. MTA — Security Fundamentals 2021
  8. MTC — Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900)
  9. MTA — Database Fundamentals 2021
  10. MTA — HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals — Certified 2021
  11. MTC — Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamental (DP-900)

So now, I have 18 Microsoft Certifications in my pocket.

Check out my credly profile at YourAcclaim. Check out my Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors’ Profile. Let’s connect on LinkedIn, GitHub, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.



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